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As a parent one of the most significant decisions to be taken is that of choosing a child-care provider for your toddler and we know that when it comes to finding an Early Childhood Learning Center for your child, nothing short of perfect will do.

At “Wings of Kids” we understand your expectations and constantly strive to fulfill them. On your very first visit to “Wings of Kids”, you will see how our picturesque grounds and our stimulating classroom environments create a comfortable, home-like, safe and secure environment for your child to explore and discover the world around him and develop his emerging talents and abilities.

Wings of Kids … a preschool & Wings of Kids Education and Research Centre Established and Managed by industry Experienced & Professionals, “WINGS OF KIDS’s” industry oriented approach has enabled the kids to have a well-balanced understanding of the systematic& researched knowledge of their curriculum.

The uncompromising attitude towards the quality of education has left us teamed up with the most dexterous and experienced faculty to ensure brilliant education to our kids every time. Moreover, by building top of the line facilities and creating vital study environment we are enriching the way to learn and build a strong foundation for our kids and prepare them for future learning. Our curriculum allows the kids to develop their skills and builds their eagerness to learn more and more. Designed cautiously under the austere direction of experts from relevant areas, the WINGS OF KIDS curriculum aspires escalating the understanding of the Kids while keeping the parents far from anxiety. The Curriculum is divided into different quarters to make it easy for the teachers & Kids to understand. It is totally child oriented and is designed to give limitless exposure.

we believe…

in a nurturing classroom where children learn at their pace and in their style.

our mission…

is to begin this road with you and your child to develop a love of learning.

we’re connected…

to our families with newsletters, in-class participation, open communication, family forums.